emar Studio for Public Architecture is a practice that takes to heart a primary driver of successful design: the reconciliation of often contradictory demands into a single, well-resolved solution. Our work seeks to build community projects that exceed expectations, resulting in facilities of a quality that members of those communities may not have known they wanted or needed.

For over 25 years, the firm's Principal, Erik Mar, has successfully designed projects for the public sector, integrating environmental responsibility with social, financial, functional and aesthetic concerns.

Environmental Responsibility

While high building performance and low energy consumption are goals for every project, the LEED rating system codifies and quantifies environmentally responsible measures for some. Many of our projects have achieved LEED certification, ranging from the most basic level up to the highest possible level. We have extensive experience in designing, documenting, and delivering projects to meet all levels of LEED requirements.


emar Studio is a full service architectural firm offering architectural design of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. We also are experienced in designing and specifying Fixture, Furnishings, and Equipment packages for building interiors.

Having worked extensively in the public sector, where every project has multiple stakeholders, we are experienced at building consensus among Owner/Operators, Council and Supervisorial Districts, Arts agencies, regulatory agencies, and Community groups of all types.

Our firm operates on the principle of what we call vertically integrated project delivery. Our designers meet with clients at all stages of the project, ensuring that client needs are addressed throughout. Designers also take the lead in the documentation package for construction, ensuring that design intents and goals are met. Finally, all of our designers are required to participate in the construction phase of the project, ensuring that lessons from each project are incorporated into subsequent designs.